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Women s Self-Defense

     Self Defense has been always very essential for survival in our day to day life. We believe that "Safety" should be the first and foremost priority for everyone. We never know where and when we might encounter a unavoidable dangerous situation and might be a victim. So prepare yourself well and train under the guidance of professionals. We have integrated the simplest yet effective techniques that can be applied by anyone using minimum strength. Besides martial arts training we will also prepare you in the following areas like:- Awareness, Preventive Measures, Verbal Response, Physical Response, First Aid, Mind Control Methods to handle the unexpected situations of assault.

Kick Boxing

     Kickboxing is a relatively modern martial arts system. It combines fighting techniques from more traditional systems, such as Karate-Do, kung fu, Thai boxing, tae kwon do and kyoku shinkai. It does not contain a lot of fancy footwork; nor does it have long-standing philosophies and creeds. Instead, it offers no-frills fighting that focuses on power, strength, flexibility, stamina and a blatant urge to win. Kickboxing is a sport that can be practiced by all age groups including children. One need to do a lot of pull ups and push ups to condition the arms. Regular practice will help train your muscles. Most practice with a punching bag and it helps if you have somebody to hold it steady for you. The equipment required includes gloves and punching bags. One will have to wear kickboxing shorts which are designed so as not to obstruct movement. During a match, it takes a lot of focus to be ready for what is coming your way. Quick reflexes and staying on your toes ready for the opponent at all times is the only thing that will help you win. Some also practice in front of the mirror to get the moves right. Warming up before each practice is very important to prevent hurting oneself. Martial arts boomed during the early 1970s and interest was greatly increased by an emphasis on competition fighting. Chinese styles of fighting began to be westernized in the UK, and even more so in the United States, where

the first real freestyle systems were being created. Many traditional martial artists, frustrated with the limitations of competition scoring, wished to see how effective their moves would be in a more realistic environment. They focused on specialized techniques, such as kicks and punches, being delivered with full-force. Today, fights and tournaments are staged all over the Western world and many modern fitness hybrids, such as cardio kickboxing and tae bo, have originated from it.

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